Friday Exercise: Creating a Comedy Character 2/5

Posted on 15 May 2009

After doing last week’s character exercise (What? You skipped it because you had a pop quiz coming in potions class?), you should have three characters with names, occupations, and the beginnings of a personality.

Now find yourself a mirror. I want you to say each character’s name in the mirror several times. Use a different voice every time: a high voice, a low voice, a voice that stops and starts a lot, a slow voice, a silly voice, etc. Which voice sounds like it suits your character?

Select one of your characters. At this point I want you to walk around the room saying the character’s name in the voice you felt most suited it. While walking around start thinking about how your character would walk: fast, slow, with a skip, stooped. Think about what they would do with the different parts of their body: would they swing their arms, wring their hands, keep their head fixed and staring straight ahead. Start incorporating these movements and see how they feel. Are you getting a sense of what their emotional life might be like because they move in these ways?

When you are through with this exercise be sure to write down what you did and any insights that came to you about your character.

Peace and kindness,


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