Friday Exercise: Much Bigger on the Inside

Posted on 03 April 2009

I was hoping to write more about comedy elements today, but my brain is tofu as I prepare for the Jeez Louise conference. So, time for an exercise!

Various comedy tropes have been done to death. However, we still enjoy them…provided the humourist can come up with a new twist.

One old trope is the clown car. This is a tiny car out of which hops a great number of clowns.The humour comes from the fact that the car must be inexplicably bigger on the inside than on the outside defying all logic and physics.  Oscar the Grouch’s trash can is much larger on the inside as is Snoopy’s dog house, Mary Poppins’s carpet bag, and of course Dr Who’s TARDIS. The challenge today is to come up with at least three original things that are larger on the inside.


  • A teapot where the valuables are kept.
  • The bottom drawer in the kitchen
  • A tennis shoe.
  • The inside of an iPod.

Have fun!

Peace and kindness,


1 Response to Friday Exercise: Much Bigger on the Inside

  • Chris says:


    – A CD case that can hold infinite numbers of CDs (would actually be kind of useful).
    – A secluded garden or a hedged-off farmyard.
    – A tree hollow (as in a hollow in a tree, like where possums live).

    I don’t know if any of those are very original, but y’know. It’s a couple ideas.


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