Friday Exercise: Moved Due to Green Goo

Posted on 11 April 2009

I’m still snuffling and hacking away for the moment. At least this gives me an excuse to sit around and read books about comedy while drinking hot lemonade.

This week’s exercise has to do with similes and metaphors.

Australia is famous for its (off)-colourful similes and metaphors.

  • Talking to God on the great white telephone. (vomiting into the toilet)
  • Dropping the kids off at the pool. (pooping)
  • As cross as a frog in a sock. (being angry)

A simile is when you describe something as being “like” or “as” something else: “Jenny’s flat out like a lizard drinking. ” We get an image of a desert lizard drinking water for all it’s worth, because it might not get another sip for some time. We then realise that probably Jenny is very busy in a similar manner.

A metaphor is when you skip the “like” or “as” bit and name something as the item it resembles: “Johno’s a right shark’s biscuit.” What we are saying here is that John is like a chocolate chip cookie for sharks because he’s new to surfing and making himself available for eating by the local aquatic fauna. However, he is not literally a chocolate chip cookie for sharks.

Your exercise is to pick a topic and come up with three similes or metaphors relating to it.

  • Cold medicine is turning my brain to tofu. (metaphor)
  • My nose is like a hot tap for broccoli soup: runny, green, and chunky. (simile)
  • I feel about as together as a bag of haggis. (simile)

Peace and kindness,


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