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This site is by a comedian for comedians and all lovers of humour.  I will be analysing comedy: my own and others. I will let people know about my upcoming gigs. I will also get insanely silly for no particular reason upon occasion. Have fun!

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My first real job after graduating with an MFA in English was as editor-in-chief of an Australian computer gaming magazine.

In 1995 Reed Books published my book Surf’s Up: Internet Australian Style which sold out in a week and went on to be reprinted two more times. This helped me earn a scholarship to do post-graduate research in computer-mediated storytelling at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology for which I received a PhD. Surf’s Up was also later sung on ABC TV’s  Spicks and Specks.

Life circumstances and an inter-state move caused me to play around with new fields of writing. I decided to try my hand at sketch comedy and experiment with vodcasting the event. The event, though a bit amateurish, had a sell-out show and plenty of good word of mouth. We decided to try again. By the time I put together all the elements to do a better job, we had everything we needed to make a film-festival style full-length mockumentary. So we thought, why not? This project is still in post-production.

Making the movie led to my connecting with a producer who had me write scripts and do story development for a local animation company and Nickelodeon. Writing the scripts made me cocky enough to enter a national screenplay pitch competition for which I won the state division. This has led to me putting together a pitch promo reel for a comedy TV series. So, who knows what’s coming next?

Special thanks to Ananda Sim for the photograph of myself.

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